ROI driven
Google Ads Campaigns
Drive Traffic, Leads
and Revenue

Our certified professionals will work with you to design, setup and execute awesome Google Ads campaigns covering search, display and YouTube.

Our campaigns are designed based on a KPI flow; awareness, engagement and action. In each area, we take a testing approach defining clear metrics, taking a continuous improvement approach. Google campaigns are goal driven and we will work with you to ask the question ‘what does success look like?’. The complexity and execution methodology for a Google Ads campaign can vary significantly based on your goals.

If you are looking to execute an online revenue generating campaign, we will also manage the setup of Google Analytics, eCommerce tracking and goals as part of our engagement to ensure complete visibility.


Google Ads Campaign Management Process

Google Ads Strategy
Campaign Strategy
During this initiation phase, we will work with you to understand your operating market, competitors, opportunities and objectives. We create a keyword and placement type map based on your business, services and products to recommend a campaign strategy and media plan.
Google Ads Setup
Campaign Setup
The setup of your Google Ads account and Google Analytics. At this stage, initial campaigns, ad groups, daily budgets, keywords, ad copy and creatives will be developed and deployed on your ad account. The monitoring framework and agreed upon KPI tracking (such as Analytics Goals) is also setup.
Google Ads Campaign Management
Monthly Management
On-going monitoring of campaign performance and tweaks as needed. We will manage keyword and placement bids, revise ad copy, setup re-marketing and monitor metrics achievement. Access will be provided to view all campaign activities and payment profile management.
No Contracts
No Commitments
Monthly Subscription, cancel at any time
Complete Transparency
Complete Transparency
Clear deliverables, performance updates and reports
KPI Driven
KPI Driven
Clearly defined KPIs and performance benchmarks
Customer Service
Continuous Support
Email support and progress review calls
Expert Knowledge
Specialist Knowledge
Certified staff with years of experience
Custom Packages
Customizable Packages
Choose an existing subscription or customize as needed
Choose a Google Ads Package

Well Researched, Custom Designed Campaigns

Google Ads
$499 /Mo
  • Up to Seven Campaigns and 20 Ad Groups
  • Up to Two Geographies
  • Market Research and Campaign Strategy
  • Keyword Research
  • Up to 70 Keyword Permutations (recommended based on budget)
  • Up to 20 Managed Placements
  • Unlimited Text Ads
  • Two Image Display Ads, Five Size Variations
  • Monthly Performance Report
  • Managing Budgets of Up to USD 2,500 per month
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Google Ads
$699 /Mo
  • Up to 20 Campaigns and 50 Ad Groups
  • Up to Five Geographies
  • Market Research and Campaign Strategy
  • Keyword Research
  • Up to 200 Keyword Permutations (recommended based on budget)
  • Up to 40 Managed Placements
  • Unlimited Text Ads
  • Five Image Display Ads, Five Size Variations
  • Monthly Performance Report
  • Managing Budgets of Up to USD 6,000 per month
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Google Ads
  • Unlimited Campaigns and Ad Groups
  • Unlimited Geographies
  • Market Research and Campaign Strategy
  • Keyword Research
  • Unlimited Keyword Permutations (recommended based on budget)
  • Unlimited Managed Placements
  • Unlimited Text Ads
  • Unlimited Image Ads + HTML 5 Animated Ads
  • Weekly and Monthly Performance Report
  • Budgets to be Discussed
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Five Things to Consider When Starting a Google Ads Campaign


  1. You should be able to clearly define your expectations for Google Ads. Different businesses may have different goals, for you, it might be more sign-ups for your course or increase brand awareness for a new product. Each goal would have different metrics of success and it is important that we agree on these parameters.
  2. Google Ads require a media buying budget aka an ad budget. Our charges are for campaign management only. We will setup a billing profile for you to directly and securely setup your credit card. We have indicated an upper threshold for budgets with each subscription model offered. The monthly budget is purely at your discretion while we may make a recommendation based on your goals.
  1. We define a workflow to ensure all text ads and creatives are approved by you prior to publishing them. Delays in approvals may result in overall campaign delays.
  2. ‘View’ access to the ad account is provided to ensure you have complete visibility on your campaigns. A monthly report is submitted with a review call scheduled to review performance with you.
  3. While multiple agencies can work on a given website, ideally you should not be working with another Google Ads agency in parallel as we may end up competing for the same keywords, placements etc.
How do you sign-up?
  1. Send us an enquiry with your preferred package or request a call for a custom quote.
  2. Upon confirmation, a monthly subscription contract is provided and billing starts from the date of sign-up.
  3. If a custom quote is requested, a proposal is submitted based on an initial exploratory call.
  4. Subscription payments are done via credit card. The monthly invoice is emailed with a payment link. A seven day credit period is provided for invoice settlement.
  5. Custom quotes above USD 500 per month can be made via wire transfer as well. A seven day credit period is provided for invoice settlement.
How does correspondence and support work?
  • All subscription / engagement models include email support. A unique customer ID is issued to you for correspondence in relation to your project.
  • A typical support request is addressed within one business day, excluding weekends and public holidays.
  • A Google Data Studio report will be setup for you with data derived from your Google Analytics implementation. This is a quick and easy way for you to monitor website performance such as visitors, traffic channels and key site metrics.
How do you terminate a subscription?
  1. The subscription can be terminated at any time via email notification.
  2. If the service is cancelled within the first 7 days of the month, the monthly subscription fee will be waived off. If terminated after the 7th of a given month, the full subscription fee for that month will apply.
  3. Upon confirmation of termination request, the website will be unpublished.